“She walked into a hornet’s nest really

Missile bunker rocks for Palin

Admirers of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gathered on a nippy Sunday at Kincaid Park to salute their heroine’s self styled pit bull persona. in one of the old Nike missile bunkers at Kincaid. Frizzell’s organization, My Pit Bull Wears Lipstick, and rock radio station KWHL sponsored the gathering.

## ## “Whether she wins or loses, what she’s doing is amazing,” Frizzell said. “If she does lose, she’s going to come back smarter, stronger. I would not be surprised if in 2012 we’re talking about this again.”

Pete Bigelow, wearing one of those $40 hockey jerseys featuring a red lipped pit bull, said he was there to pull for Palin but also to hear his daughter, Faulk, do the singing.

Bigelow, a construction contractor, believes Palin has borne up well under pressure as a vice presidential candidate.

“I was a big Palin fan before she went national,” he said. “She walked into a hornet’s nest really. I feel sorry for her. She is a down home person, and a lot of the media thinks that’s a joke. But it’s one of the reasons I like her.”

With only a few days of campaigning left, supporters of the McCain Palin ticket as well as the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden are entering the final push for votes, both in Alaska and Outside.

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